Tips for parents

Tips for parents

Finding a suitable babysitter

  • Post a job with a clear description - be as specific as possible.
  • Contact those babysitters who you feel would be the best fit for your family.
  • For those babysitters you most like, schedule a telephone appointment to get to know them further.
  • If you are pleased with the outcome of the phone conversation, then why not invite the babysitter to your home so that they can meet with your child? Remember to only invite people to your home that you trust, as we do not screen babysitters that sign up to Babysits.
  • Please be aware that potential babysitters will sometimes bring someone, like a parent, along with them for their own safety.
  • Before you finally select a babysitter, you should ask for their references.
  • If you want your babysitter to pick your child up from school, you'll need to introduce the babysitter to your child's teachers and the other parents at school first.
  • Please keep in mind that a babysitter is not the same as a domestic worker. Don't expect them to agree to cleaning your house for you while you're away!
  • Just like you babysitters are likely to have a schedule, so check with them to see when they are and are not available to babysit.
  • Remember the golden rule: if you treat your babysitter well, they'll treat you well in return!

The babysitter's first day

You'll probably worry more about your babysitter's first day than your child will, so take a page out of their book and remember to relax!

Here are our tips for you:

  1. Know who you're dealing with! Make sure that you have already met the babysitter at least once before.
  2. Prepare some things for the babysitter, like your child's favourite games, snacks or movies, so that they have plenty to do together.
  3. Make sure that the babysitter is on time. Remember to exchange contact information with them beforehand so that they can let you know if they're running late.
  4. Provide a list of contact details (phone numbers, emergency contact details), details of sleeping schedules and any possible medications to your babysitter before you leave.
  5. Give the babysitter a tour of your house and show them where you keep everything that they might need like spare clothes for your child, a first aid kit, a flashlight, snacks, etc.

Childminder subsidy

You are not eligible for a subsidy when hiring a normal babysitter. However, you are often eligible for a subsidy when using the services of a childminder or nanny in many countries. Childminders (also known as nannies) are different from babysitters in that they are often associated with childminder agencies and have usually completed courses, for which they have received a certificate. Check with your government online to see if and how you can receive a subsidy in your country.

Making contact

Before the babysitter's first day on the job, we strongly encourage all parents to meet potential babysitters and introduce them to their children. Potential babysitters, on the other hand, should ask to meet parents in a public place or bring an adult to the appointment (if they are younger than 18 years old). These recommendations are made to ensure the safety of both parties.

You should also take your time to feel comfortable with the other party, even if that means meeting each other multiple times before the first day. A great way to ensure the reliability of a babysitter is to have them first babysit your child while you are at home. In this way, you can get to know their babysitting style better and they can ask you questions. If you opt to drop your child off at the babysitter's place, make sure to check the babysitter's home thoroughly first!

Babysits provides a private messaging service to facilitate communication between users. It is essential that you communicate with other users through Babysits first, until you are comfortable enough to exchange contact information with them and switch to other messaging platforms (e.g. SMS, WhatsApp). Please keep in mind that we can't help you with complaints about messages that have been sent externally to our messaging service, as we will not have a record of the exchange. If you use another messaging platform, it is at your own risk!

Babysitter intake form

Ask the babysitter to fill this form out before they start babysitting for you for the first time. This will help to ensure that problems don't arise whilst the babysitter is with your child.

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