Myself and my partner both work full time in jobs that provide a mental health service. We sometimes volunteer as a family, for a garden project in our local community. Our son is 3 years old and is a wonderful ball of energy. He loves being out doors, trains, dinosaurs, Toy Story and anything with wheels! Because we work full time, and work different hours, our time together as a family is precious and we like to spend this time having as much fun as possible! We all share a love of music and all things creative. We don't have much support in the way of childcare and like most people that had children just before the pandemic, haven't had much of a chance to spend time together as a couple. We are looking for somebody who is able to come to our home for 2 friday evenings a month to mind our son. He will (hopefully) be in hed and asleep when you arrive. No housework is required, but you may be required to give our fourth family member (our cat, Tigs) lots of strokes! Understandably, I am a little nervous about leaving my son, so we are looking for someone who is reliable, trustworthy but also down to earth and quite fun! We look forward to hearing from you!

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