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Hello, myself and my partner Joey are looking for somebody to take care of our son for an evening once a month to start off with, depending on how it goes, this may increase. We haven't left our son with many people as we don't have any family living locally. So far, we have relied on our very close and very kind friends to watch him so that we can go out and spend time together. So as you can imagine, finding a babysitter is causing a little anxiety. We are looking for someone who will appreciate this and therefore be supportive, trustworthy and reliable. We are really down to earth people and we are looking for an equally down to earth person to mind our son. You dont have to be a parent or have a million qualifications, just an honest, straight up person who genuinely cares about the welfare of my child 👍 I'm the sort of person that would rather you call me a million times to check something than just leave it (if that's makes sense?) We have a cat called Tigs and we are all big lovers of music, being outdoors, food and having fun. Our son is almost 2 and the most incredible ball of chaos. He will (hopefully) be asleep, being the evening... So please feel free to get in touch, we would love to hear from you!

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