Hello, I'm Sya!

My name is Sia and I am from Mexico City. I do have Spanish Passport as well.
I do believe I have the skills to perform it great. Why? Because I also have other kind of experience that it has been really useful when working with children.
I am a trained Actress with years of performing experience and teaching in my country .I love to share my knowledge with the children I look after, because is another way to keep them entertained and teach them something new and Girls many times love to learn choreoghraphies-songs and feel them like a star! I have good experience teaching dancing-Musical Theatre to children from young age to teen agers , you can check out everything in my CV.
I am very sporty as well, I used to play tennis and I am professional Salsa Dancer .Singing is another skill ,as I used to be on stage in some Professional Musicals in my country and 2 amateur in the UK.
I considere I have excellent English skills as I have studied the ESOL course,so language is not a problem. I am well prepared in my areas.
I also was a live in nanny for a top important families in London and in USA I have excellent references from them!
I am confident, proactive, very social .I have excellent interpersonal relationship skills and I considere myseld very organized, reliable and punctual, I also am very approchable to other discret and loyal are other qualities that I am sure are very basic and important to qualify in this kind of jobs.
I am willing to find a PA nanny job with a high profile similar of my last family , Id like to feel comfortable and happy like the ones before ,but also as I do think ,that the qualities I mentioned above , are indispensable to a PA job plus personal aspect, personality and professionalism are more important than years of experience. I like to keep fit and healthy going to the gym every day and trying to look great physically as the first impression is always very important.
I have what it takes to perform any of these roles, so I am happy to receive proposes and to get a new exited job in the UK.
At the moment I am back in my country (Mexico )unfortulately due to last year´s earthquake. I decided I must find a job before coming back again to the UK.
I believe a conference call is now a very actual tool and other option for interviews and I will be happy to be contacted like this.
All my nanny experience and other Perf. Arts qualifications are detailed on my CV

Languages ​​in which I can babysit

  • English
  • Spanish


  • International Baccalaureate Degree


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  • Teenager
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