Hey, my name is Eshar and I have a 1 year old called Archie. Archie is super active but is a very independent player and loves seseme street. He's a pretty easy and plays mostly by himself. However we are mainly looking for someone to just stay in the house when he is asleep. He occasionally wakes up during the night but just needs a bottle to get him right back down to sleep. We are looking for a babysitter for the occasional date night (often when archie is already asleep in the evening). So the role would largely be to just feed Arch if he wakes up in the evenings. We can basically be super flexible and go to whatever times you feel most comfortable with though. There is absolutely no expectation to do any house work-we will take care of all of that! Hopefully it will be a really easy experience for you both but we can tailor to what works best for both of you! Me and my partner are both going to be students for the next year so we completely understand if we have a babysitter at uni also who isn't available certain nights because they have socials planned etc. Email me at if you are interested please! Or ring me at and leave a message on case I miss your call. Super excited to speak to you!

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