Positive Affirmations for Kids With Printables

Positive Affirmations for Kids With Printables

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Affirmations are statements that help shape our beliefs about ourselves. They help to create self-belief and have a positive impact on our mental health. Now, more than ever, it is important that we help children to develop a positive mindset and a good self-image. Keep reading for our tips and some awesome affirmations to teach to kids!

What are affirmations and why should we use them?

Affirmations are short phrases that we can say regularly to help change our mindset. They challenge any negative thoughts we may have and eventually become our beliefs. An example of a positive affirmation is “I am smart” or “I am brave”. They help in difficult situations where we may initially not think we are these things, but affirmations allow us to believe that we are!

As adults, we also have an important role in helping children believe in themselves. While it is important to get kids to say these affirmations themselves, it’s also important that us as adults repeat positive affirmations to them such as “I believe in you” or “I am proud of you”. Hearing these statements help nurture a child's mind and makes them believe in themselves!

How to use and introduce affirmations to children

Affirmations should be repeated every day, whether this is out loud or quietly in our heads. Affirmations are a great way to start off the morning as they help to give a positive mindset for the rest of the day! You should try get your children to spend 5 minutes everyday repeating positive things about themselves. But how is the best way to teach them this?

It's a well known fact that children love to have fun. There's no better way to teach them things than through some good 'ol fashioned fun!

We can introduce affirmations to children through fun games and worksheets. We have created this fun activity sheet for kids to fill in! After "I am..." They can write something they want to believe about themselves. By creating their own affirmations, it gives them a sense of inclusion and makes it almost feel like a game.

After filling in the sheet, we recommend getting the child to repeat them everyday!

Affirmation Printable Sheet

"I believe in myself" is a very strong affirmation. It can teach kids that anything they put their mind to is possible! That is why we have created this colouring sheet for you to print out and get your little ones to colour in.

I believe in myself

Printable posters

"I am..." Affirmations

Print out our fun "I am..." poster and encourage your kids to read and repeat them everyday! These affirmations are great at changing the way children think about themselves. They can believe they are anything by repeating these affirmations everyday!

I am

Affirmations to have a good day

This fun printable poster has affirmations to make sure your kids have the best day possible! Read and repeat them every morning to make the most of a day.

Good day

Affirmations to say to kids

Last but not least, it is important that as adults we also encourage children. This poster contains what we can say to kids to make them believe in themselves and show them they are loved!

Affirmations for kids

Have fun! Incorporate affirmations into your kids everyday lives to nurture their growth. Print out this sheet and let them have fun and make their own!

Affirmation list DIY

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