Ideas for Celebrating Mother’s Day

Ideas for Celebrating Mother’s Day

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Mummies, mammies, and mommies...can we ever truly thank them enough? Our mothers do so much for us, from having a sixth sense for finding lost items to just being an all-round modern day superhero. They deserve all the love and appreciation in the world...however, sometimes we struggle to know how to show them this. Fear not! We’ve put together a list of activity and gift ideas of things you can do this Mother’s Day to help make your mum(/s) feel truly special.

Mother’s Day in the UK & Ireland

Did you know that Mother’s Day is celebrated on different days in different countries? In the UK and Ireland (and also Nigeria), it is celebrated on the fourth Sunday of Lent, also known as Mothering Sunday. While most other countries celebrate it on the second Sunday of May each year.

But why do we celebrate Mothering Sunday during Lent?

Centuries ago it was deemed important for Christians to return home during Lent and visit their “mother church”. Back then many children worked away from home as domestic servants and so this was one of the few days they could get off work to be reunited with their mothers and families. As these children returned to their homes, they typically picked up wild flowers on the way to take to church or gift to their mothers.

Mother’s Day Activity & Gift Ideas

However, if you’re not able to pick up wildflowers for your mother on your journey home then don’t worry! We’ve put together a number of ideas as to how you can celebrate your mother(/s), so there’s sure to be something that’ll warm her heart.

1. Let’s start with the!

Of course nowadays it’s easy enough to buy a bouquet in a store or online rather than picking them yourself. However, some alternative ideas could be to take a flower arrangement class together, check out a local botanical garden or virtually tour one further away (like in the video below), or to gift her some flowers to plant in her own garden (and maybe you can help out with the weeding too!).

2. Food

If food is the way to your mum’s heart then of course treating her to breakfast in bed or her favourite restaurant is always a winner. If your mum is also a fan of the cooking/baking part then taking a cooking class together or curating a personal cookbook for her are other great options.

breakfast in bed

3. Recharge and Relax

Between work, household chores, taking care of the family, and other obligations, mothers barely get a minute’s rest! Treat her to a spa day or help her freshen up her look by getting her hair and nails done. You can even create your own DIY spa at home!

home spa mother and daughter

4. Trip down memory lane

If your mum is a sentimental soul then these ideas will surely bring a tear to her eye. Put together a memory book or photo album, including all her favourite people and experiences. You could even organise a “Mother’s Day interview” to let her reminisce and be the centre of the attention for once - and you’re sure to find out some fun facts about her too!

family photo album

5. Poetry and Music

If you have a way with words or are gifted with a musical ear then writing a poem or song for your mum is always a lovely idea. However, if this is a bit out of your comfort zone you could still curate a “feel good” playlist or poetry book for her.

child ukulele

6. Games and quizzes

If your mum has a competitive streak in her then this will be right up her alley. There are plenty of virtual games and board games out there to choose from, and it’s also a great way to spend some quality time as a family.

family playing game

7. Classes and courses

This has been mentioned briefly in some of the other points already, but it deserves to be highlighted on its own considering how many different types of classes are out there! From Zumba to pottery to photography - there’s something for everyone.

exercise class

8. Arts and crafts

If you make a cute card or present from your mum she’s sure to appreciate the effort and personal touch. You can also do some crafting as an activity together and let her creativity shine through. You can check out the video below and our other DIYs for some inspiration.

9. Outdoors and travel

If your mum is the outdoorsy type then think of travelling to the coast or hiking up some mountains. If you can’t stray too far away from home then try checking out some local parks or even camping in your own back garden! Another way to potentially satisfy your mum’s travel bug is to check out virtual tours online of famous landmarks around the world.

outdoors and travel

10. Love notes

We know we love our mums but sometimes we don’t say it enough! Fill a mason jar with some notes saying what you love about your mum, or just anything that you think will make her smile. You could also do a scavenger hunt, leaving clues around the house to lead her to a surprise present. Or if you have young kids let them write it in chalk on the driveway for the whole neighbourhood to see!

love notes

We hope that you found these ideas useful and above all else we hope that your mothers have a fantastic day. If you’re also looking to make a card for your mum, then check out this cute pop-up card DIY.

Happy Mother’s Day from Babysits!

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