Origami Koala

Origami Koala

By Babysits, 2 min read


Origami originates from Japan and represents the art of folding paper to create figurines without glue. The koala isn’t the most common or popular origami figure to make, but it is really easy to make and very cute! So, how do you make an origami koala?

First, you need a square sheet of paper. You may have to cut a larger piece of paper into a square. A few helpful sizes are 10cm x 10cm for a small koala, 14cm x 14cm for medium, or 20cm x 20cm for a large koala! Next, fold the piece of paper in half from both sides to have the following folds (marked in red on the picture).

Origami Koala - 1

Then, flip the sheet of paper to fold the corners of the bottom towards the center of the square.

Koala - 2

Next, flip the paper again and do the same, but this time for the top two corners.

Koala - 3

Flip the paper again and bring the corners in the middle of the square towards the vertical.

Koala - 4

Next, you’ll have to fold the top and bottom corners towards the center of the origami, as shown below.

Koala - 5

We need to turn the paper over one last time, then take a black marker in order to draw on the eyes and nose of this little koala!

Koala - 6

And, did it work? Have you successfully made an origami Koala? If that’s the case, share your folding skills with us on social media using the hashtag #Babysits!